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Ibo-maraca is an exotic luxury brand, which includes millinery as well as handbags. The main concept behind the creation of ibo-Maraca was that art should not be bound, nor confined, in space. Art should rather be communicated through fashion and worn in everyday life. Each ibo-Maraca hat is a unique piece of art, hand painted by and signed by distinguished Greek artists.


The designer of the brand is of Greek origin and was born in the spectacular city of Maracaibo in Venezuela. Hence, the vibrant collections reflect Greek magnificence in combination with the tropical beauty of South America. The unisex millinery collections include the classic Panama hat (fedora), the Borsalino hat and special edition hand painted bags.


The main concept behind the creation of Ibo-Maraca was that art should not be bounded and become only a matter of space.

“Art should be communicated by fashion and worn in everyday life.”


Elegant, artistic, and quality craftsmanship – Ibo-Maraca is known for premium handcrafted Panama hats. The intricate hand paintings, the classic silhouette, the quality of a straw – everything is created with the individuality and lifestyles of those who are always looking to wear something unique in mind.

The name of the brand is an anagram of the Venezuelan city of Maracaibo,which is the birthplace of Effie Vakaki, one of Ibo-Maracas founders. Born in Venezuela and raised in Greece, and inspired by her exotic roots and the vibrant spirit of the Mediterranean, Effie set off to create a brand that combines classic with contemporary style. In 2014, Effie and her daughter Christina founded Ibo-Maraca and dedicated themselves to the creation of high quality hats. The hats are handmade in Ecuador, home of Toquilla straw, which is the primary material used during the production process. Crafted meticulously and with a assion for detail, the hat weaving process can take up to 8 hours. Once woven, each piece is hand painted by renowned Greek artists, who create unique illustrations. This rare result is a combination of artists’ craftsmanship, along with Effie’s and Christina’s inspiration, which has derived from traveling around the world collecting beautiful images and memories. This collaboration is what makes an Ibo-Maraca hat a unique piece of art. Elegance and attention to detail are the brand’s essence.


The signature red pom-pom is the special characteristic of Ibo-Maraca. Every Ibo-Maraca hat comes in this unique gift box. The Ibo-Maraca logo is delicately embroidered on the inside of every hat. The one-of-a-kind hats are each hand painted and signed by distinguished artists. Depending on the artwork, each hat comes adorned with a special detail. Hat designer uses oil paint to
paint the hats she makes.  Each design is different so every hat is a unique product.



“Ogni cappello è un pezzo d’arte ‘one-of-a-kind’ che unisce il design vivace ellenico con lo spirito tropicale del Sud America. Perfetti per l’estate e per essere sempre fancy oltre che appassionate del bello”. Fourfancy Magazine.


“LIFE is about using the whole box of crayons” . “Art I will say, its not what you see but what you make others to see and definitelly the IBO-MARACA duo made art to be part of our heads!!! Hat anyone?” Colour Style.


“Η ελληνική εκδοχή του panama hat ζωγραφισμένο στο χέρι. Το ιδανικό καπέλο για bohemian εμφανίσεις!” More Trends


“Ibo Maraka: Τα κλασσικά πάναμα καπέλα ζωγραφίζονται στο χέρι από εξωτικές παραστάσεις και ultra chic ελληνικά σύμβολα. Made in Greece με υπερηφάνεια, δημιουργικότητα και πάρα πολύ elegance”. Athens Voice




All purchases of Ibo-Maracca hats qualify for BEARMILES if purchased through L’e Marquis MARQUIS.