L’e Marquis Bomber




One day you will have to leave St Tropez, and it could be cold next stop. These Bomber Jackets will guarantee to keep you warm wherever you are going.



These original Type B-3 World War 2 Bomber Jackets are manufactured to exact Military Specifications. Our manufacturer in the borders of Scotland use the correct B-3 weight heavy Shearling Sheepskin with extra strong Horsehide sleeve and seam overlays for extra protection, single map pocket on the right hand side and heavy leather straps with 3-way stud collar closure for use in foul weather to enable the jacket to provide added protection to the lower part of the face. They also use the spec weight, shorter shearling for the cuffs, waistbands and windflap. All jackets use a Triple Marked Talon zipper on wide herringbone tape, Alloy buckles recast from originals, in fact everything is just as it was back then!


Although the B-3 was discontinued by the USAAF on the 23rd of May 1943, these jackets are still made to the identical original specification and standards as the WW2 Army Air Corps garments, many of which are still going strong after nearly 70 years of wear, and our current jacket should give an equal length of service.


The jackets are made to order and can be delivered from our manufacturers in Scotland to anywhere in the world. Normally delivery can be made within six weeks.  Stay warm where you are going.






With each order we will also include a Bomber Bear Q: these are limited edition Bears.

All purchases of Bomber jackets also qualify for BEARMILES.