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Movie posters have a particular appeal not just for the film fans, but art lovers as well. The image of Marilyn Monroe on the poster for “The Seven Year Itch” is more celebrated than the film itself. Collectors pay tens of thousands of dollars for an original poster for films such as Casablanca or Godfather and vintage movie posters decorate some of the most expensive residents in trend-setting cities like London and New York. However, like all other collectables, there are also lots of fakes and reproductions around.

Our supplier of posters, with over a decade of history, is a leading and trusted supplier of original movie posters to the experts and enthusiasts from around the world.


LE MEPRIS (1963)

This original French 47 x 63′ Grande is one of Bardot’s most asked for country-of-origin posters. Featuring a stunning illustration of Brigitte Bardot by artist Gilbert Allard, this masterpiece shows Bardot at the peak of her beauty and popularity, age 29.

Current price: GBP 2,900


LE MANS (1971)

This French grande of one of the most enduring race films ever made has more going for it than first glance might suggest. The fine French artist, Rene Ferracci, has worked some clever magic blending both photographs and subtle artwork together. The name and title push across the poster trailing speed graphic lines, while the iron willed and fearless visage of a larger than life Steve McQueen squints in a flint eyed stare at the racetrack with the cars just roaring into the dawn. Ferracci uses his painted circular orbs on the left and right to echo director Lee Katzin’s wonderful cinematic flashback sequence early in the film. Poster is 27 x 41 inches.

Current price: GBP 650



Starring Brigitte Bardot, Antonio Vilar, Dario Moreno, and Lila Kedrova. Directed by Julien Duvivier. An unrestored poster with good color and an overall very presentable appearance. Gorgeous artwork by Yves Thos.  Poster is 47 x 53 inches.

Current price: GBP 1600




All purchases of posters qualify for BEARMILES if bought through L’e Marquis.

To Catch a Thief (1955)

Current Price : GBP 3,500

ORIGINAL POSTER. Engaging in a very sophisticated and romantic game of cat and mouse set in the glamorous world of the French Riviera, Grace Kelly and Cary Grant shine in this Alfred Hitchcock thriller.

(27 x 41 inches)

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La Ponche

The beach at your feet in the heart of the old village of St Tropez. Serenity and peace prevail in an atmosphere where time seems to come to a standstill.

Where is she?

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

Current Price : GBP £8,500

A monumental one sheet from an equally magnificent film. This rare US poster has the iconic artwork for Audrey Hepburn’s most popular film!

(27 x 41 inches)

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Beachcomber House

Walking distance to Pampelonne Beach

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