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Don’t get left in a faraway hospital. Get home to the hospital you trust.


One Trusted Name | Two Member Options.

  • If the unexpected happens on your trip, MedjetAssist is the name you want on your side: The most experienced name on the map. MedjetAssist offers the most comprehensive travel protection memberships available for your health, safety and security: Classic Medjet and Medjet Horizon. So you can leave more worries behind.


  • CLASSIC MEDJET: Medical Emergencies Don’t Take a Vacation

    A medical emergency can happen anywhere. We can get you home. As a Classic Medjet member, if you are hospitalized 150 miles or more from home and meet medical transport criteria, MedjetAssist will arrange air medical transfer to the hospital of your choice in your home country, from virtually anywhere in the world. All you ever pay is your membership fee.

  • In a medical emergency, you don’t want to be stuck in a faraway hospital. You want to get all the way home, to the hospital you trust. Yet most kinds of travel medical insurance, platinum card programs and medical evacuation insurance will only get you to the closest hospital they deem medically adequate.To get home, to your hospital, you need something more. You need MedjetAssist.A Classic Medjet Membership gives you the greatest possible control of your healthcare, without the restrictions of travel insurance and medical evacuation insurance, or the multi-thousand-dollar price tag of air ambulance services.
  • Domestic air ambulance medical evacuations typically exceed $10,000, while international air ambulance medical evacuations can exceed $100,000. Yet travel medical insurance and medical evacuation insurance companies often place inadequately low caps on medical transportation or air ambulance expenses.MedjetAssist does not place caps on air medical transport expenses, and all our members ever pay is their annual membership fee.




  • MEDJET HORIZON:   Take Unprecedented Control Of Your Safety.  We Live in a World Where Anything Can Happen

Your health, your safety, your security — it’s all here with Medjet Horizon, the new standard in global travel protection. Medjet Horizon offers the most comprehensive medical transport, travel security and crisis response travel protection available. If you want unprecedented control of your safety in a travel emergency, you need a Medjet Horizon Membership.A Medjet Horizon Membership includes all the medical benefits of a Classic Medjet Membership, plus worldwide travel security and crisis response services.

  • The safer you feel, the more you can focus on the moment. Especially when you travel.That’s why a Medjet Horizon Membership makes travel a more rewarding experience. Our members can call for help sooner, and in more situations. So they leave more worries behind.
  • Unlike other global rescue membership programs, Medjet Horizon does not depend on hard triggers, such as official government-issued evacuation mandates, to act on behalf of our members. We took a different approach. Medjet Horizon gives MedjetAssist the flexibility to respond to our members on a case-by-case basis.A Medjet Horizon Membership gives you unprecedented control of your medical care, your safety and your security in a crisis, virtually anywhere in the world.




You Only Live Twice

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The fifth James Bond film pits 007 against Blofeld and SPECTRE, once again.

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Beachcomber House

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