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Purling London specialises in unique, luxury, contemporary chess sets and dark checkers that contrast traditional hand- carved Staunton pieces against vivid colour, abstract art and dramatic light. Purling London prides itself on delivering the highest quality from our Wood Chess Sets and Marble Chess Sets with styles to suit all.



“I wanted to create chess products for fine art collectors and chess players alike.

Many chess sets are functional. These are great to play, but for me not objects that you would necessarily leave on display. Fine art chess sets* are striking and thought-provoking, but often impractical to play due to fragility and difficulties of piece differentiation.

I designed Purling London luxury chess sets to be unique, contemporary, beautifully shaped and coloured; but professional specification, recognisable, robust and straightforward to play.

I wanted Purling London to challenge art lovers and captivate chess fanatics.”

“Some of my personal favourites are Tom Friedman’s ‘Untitled’, Damien Hirst’s ‘Mental Escapology’, Yoko Ono’s ‘Play it by Trust’ and Tracey Emin’s ‘Travelling Chess set’.”


Simon Purkis, Founder and Director, Purling London Ltd.



Purling London also offers a luxurious range of bespoke chess sets which can be created to reflect your company’s branding, home’s decoration or a theme close to your heart.


DARK CHECKERS: Purling London Dark Checkers sets combine the finest in British design and craftsmanship with a new and innovative game experience. Hand-made in England, the cutting-edge illuminated board technology lends a dramatic tone to the game as light and shadow play upon the modernist lines of the beautifully weighted pieces – lacquered in deep colour and crafted from exceptional quality hardwood. A pleasure both to play and observe, Dark Checkers sets are a striking showpiece for any modern interior.

“I love our new vibrant, gloss-lacquered checkers coins. Hand-made, chunky and heavy, they are satisfying to handle and striking to look at as they reflect the illuminated lines of the glass Purling London board.”





The top L’e Marquis villas all have Purling Chess Sets and Purling Dark Checkers with lit up boards to enable you to play on the terrace at night.

These are all available to buy at special prices from L’e Marquis. Enquire below.