This is a chic sanctuary reflecting architectural simplicity with its pure lines, coupled by a meandering water source, that reflects beautiful terraced gardens, weaving around a stylish bar and restaurant, swimming pool and charming mill. Nestled in the heart of an ecological garden lie fifteen luxuriously appointed suites,  cocoons of well-being that open onto private gardens and pools.

Sophie Agata Ambroise, a landscaped architect, who created the Bulgari Hotel garden in Milan, designed these gardens, three acres of sun-dappled gardens, providing an oasis of serenity. The flaura and fauna of 160varieties traces the land contours between the forest of pines and the azure sea painting a rich palette of Mediterranean colours in shades of purple, white and grey.

There is a spa for rejuvenation and customised treatments, also possible in your suite. At the poolside, meticulous attention and soothing music sets the perfect ambience for relaxation, massage, light meals or cocktails, In the restaurant wild herbs and vibrant local produce meets the Atlantic coastline, rich with fresh seafood.

Full concierge service to provide chauffeur of helicopter transfers, and restaurant and club reservations. There is a shuttle service to the beaches.