Jean-Louis Chaix …. The St Tropez Official Photographer

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20 ans d’images a Saint-Tropez…..Twenty years of photography in Saint-Tropez

“This village rich in history and character has always inspired dreamers.
They came and they come to this place for its beauty and mystery.
One must be in harmony with the village but also with the essential elements that constitute it: the sea, the land, its traditions, as well as the Tropezian men and women.
Saint-Tropez in shadow and light, along with the seasons, offers various theatre sets dear to painters, musicians, poets and, of course, lovers of the image to which it gives all the inspiration to create unforgettable work during their stay in the town.
When twilight comes, the magic happens. Everything changes, the light, the colours of the facades,squares, streets, the harbour, as well as the scents that come from the surrounding hills and countryside,
This makes St Tropez into a haven of peace and tenderness to spend a holiday and for the lucky ones to live there.” Jean-Louis Chaix

“Once upon a time Jean-Louis Chaix the Marseillais freshly landed in St Tropez; petulant seducer, he has sunshine under his skin. Everyone remembers the provencal printed shirts of Jean-Louis Chaix. But who could have doubted that this modest presence hid a very talented photographer?
Whilst discovering this monumental piece of work, where images, all more beautiful than each other flowed as a gigantic fountain, where resonates the most touching love declaration for our village, I ralised that Jean-Louis Chaix had reached the summit of his artwith this incomparable piece ofwork which will remain in the annals as a singular testimony to the glory of Saint-Tropez”
Dany Lartigue Saint -Tropez 2013.


There will be a copy of the book in each L’e Marquis villa or apartment rental for you to take home.
Jean-Louis Chaix may also be available to photograph any special occasions you have at your property. He will certainly be there at Les Voiles.

To purchase the book separately costs €50 plus packing and postage, please fill in the enquiry form. Purchases of the book and any photographs contribute to your BEARMILES account.

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  • SAINT TROPEZ: Reve Eternel
  • Limited edition photos in colour or sepia.
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