In St Tropez




In 1958, Frangy Malortigue and his brother Doudou decided to set up a casino on this store of Saint-Tropez because of lack of authorization, Frangy brings to birth this mythical club and baptizes it: the Papagayo!

In 1962, Claude François took the musical direction of the place and communicated his energy every night by pulling out his shirt. At the end of the season, the famous song «cette année là» will be born.

This magic will not stop to vibrate until today with many personnalities who will succeed like Tom Jones on the microphone, Brigitte Bardot as charleston professor, Eddie Barclay like faithfull night owl, Donna Summer, David and Cathy Guetta at their début, Johnny Halliday, Eddy Mitchell, Sacha Distel, the night priestess Regine, Lionel Richie, Bashung, Claudia Cardinale, Steve Mc Queen, and so many others!
Frangy also called «The Chinese», strolling in kimono with a pipe in the mouth, has gathered and rubbed shoulders with the greatest artists of this world for more than 50 years… This atypical personality will remain etched forever on this port of Saint-Tropez…


Franklin has been in business since childhood and is learning all the hospitality and catering jobs through family businesses.
After more than 15 years of travelling around the world, he gathers his feelings and influences in this festive restaurant, which is the GAÏO!
It is inspired by New Yorkers, Californian or Londonian urban concepts, and adds its Asian origins to it thanks to its trips to China, Vietnam, Japan and Thailand and places a special emphasis on this special cuisine that he discovered in Peru: the Nikkei food.


Franklin Malortigue, a creative entrepreneur, invented this hybrid concept and managed to surround himself with the best people to achieve it. He wanted it to be symmetrical and geometric with the «art-deco» influences of the Thirties in Shangaï, combining golden structures with brass, ethnic colors where yellow, green and red coexist and remind us the inca sun, identical to the golden cities that is today the emblem of this arty restaurant club

The famous neo-expressionist artist, Domingo Zapata, made artworks on the walls of GAÏO for his friend Franklin, the international press calls him «The New Andy Wharol». He exhibits worldwide such as Miami, New York and Hollywood. Dining surrounded by these works of art so exclusive and atypical is a privilege!




A culinary journey brings you from Tokyo to Lima.
GAÏO makes you discover the NIKKEI cuisine; the fusion between Japanese cuisine and Peruvian gastronomy: ceviche, tuna tataki, sea scallop tiradito, Kobe beef and mochi are all part of this delicate fusion where sharing is recommended. The Chef combines natural, fresh and delicious flavors using the strengh of aromatic ingredients such as: yuzu, coriander, chilli, lime, soya, wasabi, Japanese sesame seeds…
From refreshing to spicy, tastes and textures take you on a unique culinary experience.