La Table du Pan Dei Palais

In St Tropez

Your restaurant in the very heart of Saint-Tropez



At the Pan Deï Palais, our Chef is a culinary expert who creates tailor-made dishes on a daily basis. Sample flavours and high-quality local products as our Chef draws his inspiration from the Pan Deï Palais’s exotic atmosphere, cooking tasty and original dishes. Our restaurant is famous for catering to individual requests, which our guests really love. Our restaurant is a place where people can gather and relax and no other restaurant in Saint-Tropez comes close to its originality and exclusivity.

You’ll find that the mix of specificities and the harmonious blend of dishes, the combinations of flavours, tastes and textures are completely enchanting.


The ambience of the lounge and bar at the Pan Deï Palais


In the evenings, the lounge bar comes to life and turns into a unique and energy-filled meeting place, which is the ideal preparation for a planned or even an impromptu evening!

The Pan Deï Palais bar is warm and welcoming and the place where to relax after a long day out on the French Riviera. In keeping with the other rooms of our 5-star hotel, the bar’s decor is inspired by travel experiences. Take in the wood screen walls, vintage sofas, oriental candles, warm colours, and carved low wooden ceilings, as well as the interior courtyard. All these give the room a chic kind of style. You can sit in total comfort and take the time to admire the elegance of all the intricate details.
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